Visita privada en Carreta

Mounted on a Tractor pulled by a Tractor, we will take a tour through the ages of the bull, from its birth to its fullness, from the approximately 20 kilos of its birth to the more than 500 it possesses when it is 4 years old and is prepared to be dealt with.

We will explain the infinite peculiarities of its breeding in almost freedom: Stallion with its batch of females and calves in lactation; the preparation to the blacksmith, the herds by ages, the hierarchies, the norm of minimum interference in the life of the brave male; The special physical, sanitary and feeding preparation for the fight, the fullness of the bull, the deaths due to fights in the adult bull and the life of the pardoned bull.

We will also take the opportunity to observe the spectacular surroundings of the Natural Park of the Alcornocales, River Park of the Palmones River and its native species.


Approximate Duration:
60-90 min aprox

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