Our History

GAVIRA: This livestock comes from the old one of Raso del Portillo, which for historical purposes was considered as the oldest of Spain and whose cattle enjoyed the privilege of opening the squares in the runs Real, the last one with such privilege was the bull called "cumin" fought on January 25, 1878 in the Royal run held by the liaison of SM D. Alfonso XII and Mrs. María de las Mercedes Orleans and Bourbon.

historia ganaderia gavira

Since 1958 Gavira family was acquired, since 1999 it is announced with the name of “GAVIRA” And Since January 2015 it is owned by Juan Antonio Gavira Garcia

historia ganaderia gavira

Morfológicamente es un toro especial, distinguible para el aficionado: fino de cabos (patas no bastas), más desarrollado en su cuarto delantero, bajo de cruz, estrecho de “sienes” y tocado arriba (la forma de sus pitones que abrochan de forma ligera hacia arriba.

 All the greatest bullfighting figures of all time have bullfighting the bulls of this house: from Manolete to Morante de la Puebla, passing through the Viti, the Cordobés or Palomo Linares. Everyone has been able to appreciate the many qualities of these brave horned.