Bull's Real Life

Bullfights are the visible and last part of the bull, but to understand the bullfighting, it is absolutely necessary to know how he lives, how he is born, what care he receives, what the habitat of the TORO BRAVO is, and all this is only within reach by visiting a Livestock Brava.


Very few people in the world have had the opportunity to know the real life of the bull, which is today, a true unknown even for the inhabitants of the countries where the party is more rooted. In Livestock, centuries of tradition, care transmitted from parents to children, culture with the environment, values ​​of respect for the animal, of durability, etc. are condensed. Upon entering you already have the feeling that time stops.

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*Children between 7-12 years old

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The Ages of the Bull

Mounted on a Tractor pulled by a Tractor, we will take a tour through the ages of the bull, from its birth to its fullness, from the approximately 20 kilos of its birth to the more than 500 it possesses when it is 4 years old and is prepared to be dealt with.


It is the test that is done to the strands of the cattle ranch when they are between 2 and 3 years old to see if they will be worthy of being mothers. In the bullring that owns the cattle ranch a bullfight is carried out with hardly any blood, in which a young man bullfighter performs part of his career training

Field day with bullfighting

Ideal to celebrate all kinds of events, in a cordial and relaxed atmosphere, from the morning to dusk there is a remodeled farmhouse and two tents, it is a wonderful place with bullring

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